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What is Autism Educators?

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Today, you can become part of a growing community of teachers, therapists, and parents involved in the education of students with autism.  AutismEducators.com allows you to browse and download work tasks that have been specially created and classroom-approved for children with autism or learning disabilities.  Sort products using our free IEP Goal Bank to tailor activities to specific learning needs.

With our goal of providing top quality lessons and activities that keep our students focused and eager to learn, we will be adding new and innovative materials frequently.  To maintain this level of excellence, AutismEducators.com welcomes these creative, classroom-effective materials from a limited number of individuals.  Every purchase made on AutismEducators.com helps a student with autism learn to read, solve math problems, practice writing, or learn social skills.  Each year, we donate a portion of our proceeds to an organization promoting autism awareness and research.


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