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This is a behavior management idea for students in upper elementary grades and middle school.  It works especially well with students that have behavior challenges.

This is how it works:

1.  Students earn points during class for things like:

       -completing classwork

       -following classroom rules

       -participating without disruption

       -being on task

       -following directions

       -being respectful

       -being on time

A point sheet is included in the product and is EDITABLE.  :)

2.  Students decide what they are working for by selecting an item from a menu.  (A menu is included in product, but you may want to survey your students to see what they might like to earn.  Most of the things on my menu are privileges, not treats.  There is one Treasure chest menu item and one cookie or candy item.)

3.  The menu is also on cards that are put into a little booklet they can keep on their desks.  I did this by printing out the cards in the product, gluing the cards onto construction paper, laminating he cards, punching a hole in the corner and then putting them onto a binder ring.  I made one booklet for each student.  This allows me to edit the menu at any time!  The cards in this file are also editable.

(All clipart is from

I explain the step-by-step procedure of how I implement the program in my classroom and I also added a plan for behaviors when the positives aren't working.  :)

Thanks and Enjoy!

Given a daily behavior form with a reward system, STUDENT will self-assess their daily behavior and accomplishments by writing/checking off the correct choice, on a daily basis, within the school setting, by MONTH, YEAR.
This item is recommended for the following grade levels:

4th Grade

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