Behavior Token Boards for Autism

*When this product is purchased, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to an organization promoting autism awareness.*
Behavior Token Boards for Autism
Behavior Token Boards for Autism Behavior Token Boards for Autism Behavior Token Boards for Autism

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These behavior token boards can be used as:
* a way to practice counting to ten
* a visual countdown timer
* a reward system
* a work task completion reinforcer
Depending on the task, the student can either fill/remove themed tokens to/from the themed boards. Print, laminate. and add fuzzy side velcro dots to the inside of each of the 10 rounded squares on the boards. Print. cut out, and laminate themed tokens which include: jet, airplane, fish.train, race car,and race horse. Add hooked velcro dots to the backside of themed tokens. Use the theme that is reinforcing to the students likes.
Board themes include: race track, train tracks, horse track, ice fishing, airport/sky (2 versions).

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Given visual reward boards related to a preferred topic or activity, STUDENT will earn points or tokens upon completion of a work task, successful transition, or positive behavior, in order to receive a reward (ex. treasure box, eat lunch with the teacher), within a 6 week period, by MONTH, YEAR.