IEP Data Tracking Sheets and Cards

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IEP Data Tracking Sheets and Cards

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IEP Data Tracking Sheets and Cards IEP Data Tracking Sheets and Cards IEP Data Tracking Sheets and Cards IEP Data Tracking Sheets and Cards IEP Data Tracking Sheets and Cards IEP Data Tracking Sheets and Cards IEP Data Tracking Sheets and Cards IEP Data Tracking Sheets and Cards IEP Data Tracking Sheets and Cards
NOW EDITABLE to write IEP goals, objectives, and dates. Print your data by hand OR type it in! Type student's IEP Goals and objectives with ease. Tracking data on our student's strengths and weaknesses is important to determine whether or not a student has mastered their IEP goals.  There are many ways to track IEP goals, but this is one of the most user-friendly that I have seen.  It's just as easy for the Special Education teacher to complete, as it is for a General Education teacher.  There's no fancy language, just easy data collection!  Each 31 day box is designed for each month of the year.  It is suggested that you mark off weekends and holidays off from school before beginning the data collection.  You will also need to place an "x" on the number 31 on those months that do not have 31 days.  Place it in your data collection binder to use daily and keep your data up-to-date.  AS AN ADDED FEATURE, we have included a Data Card Holder template for you to store the Data Cards in the areas where your classroom assistant may be working with a student!  Just place on a wall, tabletop, or convenient location for your assistant to record data on the student's work!  Easily transfer that data to your Data sheet daily, weekly, or monthly!  Just write the student's IEP goal for that area (Math Center, Writing Center, Reading Center, Fine Motor Center, etc.) and your assistant can easily check off whether the student has met the goal on that task, and number/type of prompts that are needed.  The last few pages of the download provide visuals for your to see how it looks.  To save ink, there is no need to print the demonstration pages.  IT IS SUGGESTED that you print the CARD HOLDER TEMPLATE and CARDS on white card stock paper for durability. 

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Given a worksheet to record daily progress in the area of an IEP goal (to be reworded for age appropriate understanding of what the goal is intended to accomplish), STUDENT will mark green for good, yellow for trying but couldn't grasp the concept, and red for non-compliance, as a means of self-assessment in the classroom, within 1 month of school days, by MONTH, YEAR.