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Gross Motor Skills

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Make Your Own Theraputty Recipe
Here's an easy recipe for making your own Theraputty to use with your students in your Special Education classroom, therapy room, homeschool, or even to use at home with your own kids! Enjoy!..

IEP Goals:
Incorporating yoga into your classroom movement breaks or your therapy routine has the benefits of increasing focus, concentration, working memory, body awareness, executive function and self-regulation. These yoga cards can be hung on the wall of a classroom or sensory room and they can be used as cards you can pull out for a yoga break. 30 individual poses, with both elementary age boys an..

IEP Goals:
Given visuals and adult feedback, STUDENT will imitate large body positions in four out of five opportunities, by MONTH, YEAR.

Given visuals and adult feedback to support a five minute yoga break, STUDENT will return to work with focused attention in four out of five opportunities, by MONTH, YEAR.

Given visuals of positions and actions related to yoga and relaxation techniques, STUDENT will choose or the teacher will provide up to three relaxation strategies for STUDENT to engage in, in order to remain calm during 4 out of 5 times of perceived stress, by MONTH, YEAR.

Given visuals, STUDENT will demonstrate self-regulation skills to self manage a five minute yoga break, in four out of five opportunities, by MONTH, YEAR.
IEP Data Tracking Sheets and Cards
NOW EDITABLE to write IEP goals, objectives, and dates. Print your data by hand OR type it in! Type student's IEP Goals and objectives with ease. Tracking data on our student's strengths and weaknesses is important to determine whether or not a student has mastered their IEP goals.  There are many ways to track IEP goals, but this is one of the most user-friendly that I have seen.  It's just as ..

IEP Goals:
Given a worksheet to record daily progress in the area of an IEP goal (to be reworded for age appropriate understanding of what the goal is intended to accomplish), STUDENT will mark green for good, yellow for trying but couldn't grasp the concept, and red for non-compliance, as a means of self-assessment in the classroom, within 1 month of school days, by MONTH, YEAR.