Token Boards (Spring Themed)

Created By: Super SPED Teacher
Token Boards (Spring Themed)

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Token Boards (Spring Themed) Token Boards (Spring Themed) Token Boards (Spring Themed)
A set of token boards (or incentives charts) made in a spring theme. Boards vary from three to ten required tokens. There are four different implementation options:

1. Print and mark each box with marker, pen, pencil, or stickers as student earns each token.
2. Print boards and images. Cut out images. Glue images inside each box as token is earned.
2. Print and laminate board, using a dry erase marker to mark each box. This allows boards to be re-used multiple times.
3. Print and laminate boards. Cut out included images and laminate. Attach a small piece of hard velcro inside each box, and a small piece of soft velcro to the back of each image. This allows images to be used as tokens, and boards to be used repeatedly.

Given a token board as part of a token economy reward system,and a pre-determined "reward", STUDENT will work to earn up to ten tokens (picture cards) by completing a task, demonstrating "expected" behavior,etc., within a set time limit, in order to receive the reward, as measured by teacher observation and data, with 80% accuracy, in 4 out of 5 opportunities, by MONTH, YEAR.