Name Recognition: Name Build

Created By: Laura Lanzi
Name Recognition: Name Build

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Name Recognition: Name Build Name Recognition: Name Build Name Recognition: Name Build Name Recognition: Name Build
Teaching name recognition: Simple and easy to use activity to teach name recognition, letter order and writing by providing easy to follow tracing methods to help teach students letter formation and orientation of their name.This is a great for the beginning of the school year, or can be used throughout the school year!

This activity includes:
*26 pages of vertical letter strips
-There are TWO uppercase and TWO lowercase letters on each page for optimal printing.

The vertical letter strips teach students correct letter placement in their name. Each letter strip has fading visual prompts including bright yellow arrows for letter orientation and outlines of each letter for a visual guideline. Letters range in difficulty from easiest at the top to hardest at the bottom.

This activity promotes frustration free independent name writing and is a MUST HAVE in your classroom this year.

Given upper and lowercase letters to trace, cut, and build a name, STUDENT will use a visual model/independently spell, his/her name, with 80% accuracy, in 4 out of 5 consecutive opportunities, by MONTH, YEAR. (IEP end date)