Prepositions Play Dough Mats

Created By: Allison Fors
Prepositions Play Dough Mats

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Prepositions Play Dough Mats Prepositions Play Dough Mats
Prepositions Play Dough Mats:
A no-prep, interactive way to practice prepositions, build vocabulary, and follow directions with play dough!

5 Scenes (color and black & white)
- Dining Room
- Bedroom
- Kitchen
- Bathroom
- Laundry Room

5 spatial directions pages – 16 prepositions // 440 directions
- On/Off
- On/Under
- In/Out
- In/On
- Top/Middle/Bottom
- Outside/Inside
- Next to/In Front
- Between
- Over/Under
- Above/Below

Print and then either laminate or place in sheet protectors for multiple use.
Give your student play dough and read the command from the directions page for the appropriate scene.
Simplify the directions by creating one play dough shape (ball, car) and using it for all spatial directions.

Alternatives to play dough:
• Student draws the item in the correct location on the black & white pages.
• Use a manipulative (bingo chip, token).

Given picture mats (cards) and Play Dough or similar item, STUDENT will form the requested item (shoe, rock, pie, ball, etc.) and place it in the requested position in each home scene (bedroom, dining room, bathroom, kitchen, laundry room), with 80% accuracy, in 4 out of 5 opportunities, by MONTH, YEAR.