Safety: Phone Skills and Phone Numbers

Created By: Laura Lanzi
Safety: Phone Skills and Phone Numbers
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Safety: Phone Skills and Phone Numbers Safety: Phone Skills and Phone Numbers Safety: Phone Skills and Phone Numbers
Safety is one of the most important skills to teach a student.
This packet helps students to memorize personal and emergency phone numbers.

This packet is packed with fun and interactive ways to teach students their personal phone number as well as important emergency phone numbers.

Included in this packet:

-Clear instructions to aid in teaching students about emergency and personal phone numbers
-10 traceable numbers with phone number templates, make for an easy and frustration free learning process.
-Printable phones, for coloring and practice dialing to get students familiar with a phone and how it works.
-911 Emergency Worksheet: Practice the importance of 911, by tracing and practice dialing
-Personal Phone Number Worksheet: Practice personal phone numbers for extended learning and memorization.

Given strategies (writing/reciting)to learn how to dial/tap personal and emergency phone numbers, STUDENT will demonstrate mastery by independently writing/saying up to two phone numbers (ex. 911/personal number) with 80% accuracy, in 4 out of 5 opportunities, by MONTH, YEAR.