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Color By Number Elephant Differentiated 3 Levels
Color By Numbers Elephant with diffrentiated codes (addition within 20). There are 3 difficulty levels of code: Level 1- matching numbers Level 2- adding 2 numbers Level 3- add & subtract 3 numbers. Coloring help your students develop their fine motor pencil skills. ..

IEP Goals:
Color Elephant Matching for Autism
Color Elephant Matching for Autism: *12 Color Splatters *12 Color Elephants *Blank Matching Grid *Match Splatter to Elephant *Match Elephant to Splatter Create a Matching Task, Create a File Folder Task, Create a Sorting Task Inspired by Evan Autism Resources..

IEP Goals:

Given a color object, STUDENT will match to the same color with 80% accuracy, in 4 out of 5 opportunities, by MONTH, YEAR.
"How Many Shamrocks?" Simple Addition with Dice for Autism
Introduce numbers 0-4 with shamrocks and the dice concept. Many matching task possibilities. One to One correspondence assessment tools. Fun green/shamrock theme for March. Coloring in the shamrocks page. Simple addition worksheets. Simple addition cut and paste tasks. "How Many Shamrocks?" for Autism by Inspired by Evan ..

IEP Goals:

Given objects to add with sums up to ten, STUDENT will count each object using the "plus" and "=" symbols, with 80% accuracy, in 4 out of 5 opportunities, by MONTH, YEAR.
Autism - Build A Sentence with Pictures Interactive - LEPRECHAUN
Autism: Build A Sentence with Pictures Interactive - LEPRECHAUN (Pre-K through 1st grade/Special Education/Autism/ELL) Where is the lucky leprechaun? Forming sentences for our young learners or those with autism, can be challenging. Using real-life pictures for easy recognition of items associated with the St. Patrick's Day holiday, students love learning to read and form sentences. Follow the leprechaun on his special journey as he practices positional words for some holiday fun! Using repe..

IEP Goals:

Given sight words, positional words, and nouns on picture/word cards for guided placement, STUDENT will correctly form up to 10 sentences in 4 out of 5 opportunities, by MONTH, YEAR.
Kindergarten Common Core Counting to 20 Lucky Leprechauns
This 19 page Kindergarten Common Core activity book teaches your students the different ways to identify numbers up to 20. This math activity book is part of a series (Penguin Winter Counting, Penguin Hearts, President's Day) covering different seasons and holidays. An innovative addition to your classroom Math Center or perfect as an independent work activity. The lucky leprechauns help your children learn how to count to 20 using tens and ones, ten-frame and counting how many. This activity co..

IEP Goals:

Given picture card sets of number cubes, objects, and ten frame representing a number from 1 through 20, STUDENT will select the correct cards (number cubes, objects, and ten frame), in 4 out of 5 consecutive opportunities, by MONTH, YEAR.