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Print out one page, cut out and laminate for flashcards and vocabulary building. Print out two pages..
"Lots-O-Dots" on Christmas Wreaths for Autism: Fill in the Dots on the Christmas Wreaths ..
A Visit from St. Nicholas is a reading comprehension product based off of the original writing by Cl..
Christmas ADDITION and SUBTRACTION Word Problems Up to 20 TASK CARDS for your students to enjoy this..
Autism First/Then Visual Board for CHRISTMAS With the holiday season quickly approaching, we need..
Thanks so much to Single Parents of Children with Autism for adding a bit of humor to the holiday se..
Beautiful Christmas Puzzles -joyful Christmas Puzzles...
Oh what fun it is to read in a one horse open sleigh! Forming sentences for our young learners or t..
"What's Next?" Christmas File Folders for students with autism and special needs. 4 Fil..
Autism Matching File Folders (10 pages) - Christmas, a perfect activity for young learners and those..
Christmas Alphabet Tasks for Autism: Includes, *26 Lowercase Letter Small Cards *26 Uppercase Let..
Christmas around the World is a set of products that includes the following countries:United States,..
Christmas Theme Basic Concepts DISCOUNTED BUNDLE for students with autism and special education need..
Christmas Bundle is a combination of 8 Christmas products which include matching, life skills, assem..
Christmas Counting to 10 Clip Cards (Count, I see, How Many?) + Write & Wipe Sheets, for student..