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Adapted Book: WHAT CAN WE SHARE – Special Education Resource for ReadingWhat’s an adapted book?An ad..
PERSPECTIVE TAKING is an important SOCIAL SKILL for children to learn. Knowing and understanding oth..
SOCIAL STORIES are a great way to teach important skills to children who are struggling to understan..
Getting to know others and developing friendships is so important. Remembering facts and information..
SOCIAL SKILLS are a very important part of every child's education. Some children struggle to make a..
Included Please Find The Following 6 Sets {515 Pages}Set 1. PERSONAL SPACE BEHAVIORSSet 2. GOOD FRIE..
This fun word search can be a great way to support learning the qualities of a good friendship. ..
Good Sport ChecklistsIn Color and Black and WhiteGood Friend ChecklistsIn Color and Black and White..
Do you have students who struggle to demonstrate Good Friend behaviors?Do they yell at kids and/or u..
Do your students struggle to be good sports in games and activities? Do they argue with teammates an..
Do your students struggle to demonstrate good sportsmanship? Do they argue about the rules of the ga..
Do you have a student or students who struggle to make or keep friends? Do they seem to not understa..
Playing with a variety of friends is an important social skill. Social Stories are a great way to te..
Practice PERSPECTIVE TAKING with these scenario cards that will help your students learn to slow dow..
Some children struggle to understand and engage in appropriate social behavior. They benefit from ex..