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Shopping Around Town Math Workbook is a product to help students use a shopping list to find items, write down ad prices, and add the cost of each store's purchases and total purchase of each list.

Included is an cover page and ad pages for 16 different stores that include 15 to 20 items in each store. To follow there is 26 shopping lists that includes 3 stores each where purchases are made that include 3 items from each store. Student will find the items named on the list, write down the cost of the items, and total the cost for each store. Then student will write down the amount of money spent at each store and write down the grand total spent on the list.

This product makes for easy copying because it is all black line. It can be made into workbook form and worksheets offered according to your education plan by offering one page a day or as many as you want the students to do at one time. (Answer sheets included)

Also included is a blank list page that you can make your own combinations of stores to shop and items to buy, so the worksheets are endless!

Great for units about community, making purchases, adding currency and independent tasks.

This item is recommended for the following grade levels:

3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade

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