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Mrs. Spangler in the Middle

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Like the monkey in the middle, I am a teacher in the middle - middle school that is! I've spent 19 years teaching Language Arts and Special Education and have survived to tell the tale! My products are mainly focused on Language Arts - reading and writing - with a twist for my intellectually disabled, emotional/behavioral disabled, SPD, and specific learning disabled special ed students.
by Mrs. Spangler in the Middle
This is a digital version of a flip-book. By this I mean that each page is meant to be cut so that the book cascades down in a kind of terracing format so that once it is stapled at the top, you will have several tabs that list: 1.  The title of the book 2.  The definition of Inclusion 3.  The goals of Inclusion 4.  What Inclusion means for Students 5.  What Incl...
Grade Levels: 4th Grade
by Mrs. Spangler in the Middle
This is a behavior management idea for students in upper elementary grades and middle school.  It works especially well with students that have behavior challenges. This is how it works: 1.  Students earn points during class for things like:        -completing classwork        -following classroom rules        -pa...
Grade Levels: 4th Grade
IEP Goals: Given a daily behavior form with a reward system, STUDENT will self-assess their daily behavior and accomplishments by writing/checking off the correct choice, on a daily basis, within the school setting, by MONTH, YEAR.
by Mrs. Spangler in the Middle
This is something I created for my special education middle school students to practice with text features after we learned the basic definitions of title, heading, caption, chart, label, boldface,& glossary .  This zip file includes: *An original article I wrote myself called "Planting a Garden Above Ground" with no boxes or hints at text features. *The same article with various...
Grade Levels: 6th Grade
IEP Goals: Array