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"Sitting next to a child as they begin reading is one of the proudest moments a teacher and child can experience." 
Debbie Singer, Teacher and Founder of Autism Educators, Inc.




My name is Debbie Singer.  I'm a Special Education teacher who finds the children I teach to be a great source of inspiration.

When I began teaching nearly 16 years ago, intervention materials were very limited and student progress was occurring much slower than it should be. Over the course of several years, as I took cues from my students about what they needed and how they learned most effectively, I began changing the way I presented lessons.  With all of my teaching certifications and a Bachelor of Fine Arts, I knew that I had exactly what I needed to help my students succeed, learn life skills, and master their goals.

As ideas came to life and with data in hand to show that my students were achieving more than anyone thought possible, I was so incredibly excited to share my students' success stories.  I watched in awe as my kids increased in all academic areas, working at their own pace.  Sitting next to a child as they begin reading is one of the proudest moments a teacher and child can experience.  The look on his or her face says it all!

"Autism Educators, Inc. and are the result of years of data tracking, student IEP goal mastery, and enthusiastic feedback from parents, teachers, and best of all, my students."


Countless hours have been spent preparing new teaching materials, and just as many have been spent cherishing my students' successes and happy faces.

But as it turns out, I'm not alone.

Many other teachers, parents, and specialists around the world have come to similar realizations.  They have created handmade work tasks that have brought their children an abudance of learning successes.  I'm so grateful that some of these incredibly talented people have also decided to join Autism Educators as our Education Team Members.  They are sharing their success with the rest of the special education community, as the addition of their products daily just grows our collection of wonderful resources.

With all of the creativity, knowledge, and experience gathered here amongst our Education Team Members, the possibilities of teaching our students and helping them reach their goals are endless.  Not only can anyone around the globe access bounds of helpful resources, but the creators of those resources can be compensated for their hard work, as all Education Team Members earn royalties on every sale of their product.

"I want to help the children we work with, laugh with, and come to love, in any way I can."


I also feel that making the public aware of the challenges of dealing with children with autism, as well as gaining a better understanding of it from a medical perspective, is crucial.  I want to help the children we work with, laugh with, and come to love, in any way I can.

It's so simple to get started on  Whether you're browsing for downloadable work tasks, looking to share your own work tasks and earn some extra income, want to create a Teacher's Wish List that can be sent out to parents in your class to donate materials, need help with writing IEP goals using our free IEP goal bank, or just need some teaching advice, we are all here to help.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or can't find what you need.

We can all help bring a smile to our childrens' faces, their parents' faces, and our own faces, for helping them learn and grow tremendously. Isn't that what teaching is all about?