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This card set contains 160 picture cards. It's a great addition to your picture communication system; and perfect for encouraging conversational speech; and improving descriptive language. You can also use the cards to play fun matching, memory, and go fish games. Also includes a matching set of unlabeled cards so that you may describe them however you wish; and/or in a variety of languages. 320 EASTER CARDS

CARDS INCLUDE ... altar, angel (2), ascension, balloon, balloons, bee (2), bell (2), bells, Bible (3), boiled egg, bread (3), bun, Easter Bread, bunny (5), butterfly (3), cake, Calvary (2), candelabra, candle (3), candy (5), carrot, carrots, cemetery, chick (3), chocolate bunny, chocolate egg, Christianity, Christians, church (3), communion (4), cross (3), Crown of Thorns, crown, cupcake (2), dove, Happy Easter, Easter (4), Easter Basket (5), Easter Eggs, Easter Egg (9), Easter Holiday (3), Easter Party, Easter Sermon (2), egg exchange, egg hunt (3), faith (2), flag (3), flower (2), flowers, gift, gift bag, goblet (3), golden egg, greeting card (3), hatch (5), Heaven, Holy Spirit, jar, Jesus, kid (2), ladybug, lamb (4), Last Supper (2), Mass, meal, muffin, nest, nun, painting eggs (5), pie (2), Pope, prayer (2), priest, prize egg, rainbow, sign (3), sun, surprise egg, tulip (2), tulips, water into wine, willow, wine, wreath

These cards are 20-up on a page and sized at 1.5 x 1.5. All of my items are made for printing on letter sized 8.5" X 11" paper. For extra durability I recommend printing on heavy card-stock and laminating.

Given picture/symbol icon related to a topic or theme (Easter holiday), STUDENT will engage by choosing the requested icon in order to _______(match/convey a message/identify an object or person), with 80% accuracy, in 4 out of 5 opportunities, by MONTH, YEAR.
This item is recommended for the following grade levels:

12th Grade

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