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Final Consonant Blend Flashcards are used to help students learn to sound out consonant blends at the end of words. Learning blends helps students learn that words are made up of sequences and individual sounds.

This set of flashcards includes and will help with memorization as well as spelling the following sets of consonant blends.

LB: bulb
LD: cold, field, old, hold, world, gold, wild
LF: golf, gulf, shelf, wolf, self
LK: milk, sulk, silk
LM: helm, film
LP: help, kelp, pulp, yelp, scalp
ND: stand, pond, hand, wind, bend, land, wand
NK: bank, drink, stink, think, wink, sink
NT: point, ant, cent, plant, bent, hunt, tent
MP: lamp, stamp, stump, jump, hump, plump, camp
RD: award, bird, card, sword, cord
RF: dwarf, turf, scarf, surf
RK: bark, pork, dark, stork, shark, park, cork, work
RL: curl, girl, whirl, pearl
RM: farm, arm, storm, warm, worm, germ
RN: barn, yarn, fern, burn, turn, horn
RP: burp, carp, warp, harp, sharp, chirp
RT: cart, tart, fort, heart, hurt, dirt
SK: desk, mask, kiosk, disk, whisk, husk, flask
SP: clasp, crisp, wasp, wisp, grasp
ST: roast, vest, dust, list, ghost, rest, fast, post
CT: eject, insect, act, inject, subtract, reflect, strict
FT: craft, gift, left, soft, raft, draft, lift
PT: sculpt, swept, tempt, slept, crept, erupt, wept
XT: next, text
Given final consonant sounds flashcards, with a picture, the complete word, and the ending sound isolated in letters, STUDENT will say the word aloud and the final consonant sounds, with 80% accuracy, in 4 out of 5 opportunities, by MONTH, YEAR. (IEP end date)
This item is recommended for the following grade levels:

Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade

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