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MOVE~WORK~BREATH is an Occupational Therapist designed self-regulation curriculum. It can be used with elementary age children with Autism, Emotional Behavioral Disturbance, Intellectual Disabilities, ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Sensory Disregulation, and more. This curriculum provides an effective, time-efficient structured system to give out of classroom breaks, improve self-awareness and self advocacy, teach specific self-regulation skills so that kids have tools to use in their classrooms. This system will get kids moving, give them the benefits of a brain power boost [from getting their heart rate up], give them heavy work and isometrics to help them calm down, and help them learn techniques to quiet and control their bodies in order to return to their academic work.

>>>Teachers Guide>>>
Setting up a self-regulation space with four important areas.
Setting up and maintaining a self-regulation plan.
Data collection
Creating alternative plans
Sample IEP goals & objectives
Professional Development Materials:
Purpose and use of self-regulation space
Using the four areas
Supporting the categorization of feelings and actions by color zones
Teaching Skills:
BREATH & BREATH ~Alternatives
Data Collection Sheet

>>>Self-Regulation Space>>>
Door Posters
MOVE~ Posters
WORK~ Posters
BREATH~ Posters
Tap In-Tap Out [Compatible with Zones of Regulation©]
Optional Posters:
‘Self-Regulation is’ banner
Hero themed informational and affirmation posters

>>>Plan and Task Cards>>>
Basic Plan
MOVE~ 24 tasks + blank cards
WORK~ 15 tasks + blank cards
BREATH~ 12 tasks
BREATH Alternatives~ 15 tasks
Individualized Plans

>>>Cognitive Instruction>>>
Teachers Guide
Feeling or Action sort
Color Zones sort
My Plan of Acton
When I am in red, yellow, green, and blue....

Color coded task cards give students managed choices. This simple system is easily used as-is for any child, and is easily individualized to meet the specific needs of multiple individual children in a building. It is adaptable to your situation and the space and tools that you have available.

Purchase of this product includes an all-school license. Any teacher, therapist, behavioral support person, or school may purchase Move~Work~Breath to use with all students within that one building. This is a growing bundle; after you purchase it you can freely download updates. Email to request additional materials.

************* TESTIMONIALS *******************
Principal: ‘I like that the areas and posters give any staff person who brings a child in here ideas of what to do with them.’

Physical Therapist: ‘The signs make the areas more interesting to kids. The kids can come in here in red or yellow and recognize that they are in green when leaving.’

Special Eduction Teacher: ‘I love this system! I have been wanting something like this for my entire career.’

Occupational Therapist: ‘I really like the concreteness of the plan format as I am finding that is necessary when you have multiple paraprofessionals completing regulation breaks.’

Special Eduction Teacher: ‘I love being able to actually teach skills to students that they can use in classrooms.’

Paraprofessional: ‘I like bringing a child in this room and knowing what to do with them.’

Principal: ‘Given this programming, we can now use this for Tier II interventions for children that have repeated behavioral referrals.’

Special Eduction Teacher: This is the best product I have found so far to help me teach my students with autism how to better regulate themselves. The visuals are awesome and I appreciate the thorough explanation on how to implement this product.
Related to Intellectual Disability: Given 15 minutes daily practice with self-regulation tools and strategies, the student will learn to participate in at least 15 self-regulation activities, 5 in each of three categories, as demonstrated by active participation in one months time.

Related to Autism: When showing beginning signs of stress as identified by an adult, STUDENT will choose one of five self-regulation task cards, use strategy for at least five minutes and return to work without incident, in 8 out of 10 opportunities.

Related To Emotional Behavioral Disturbance: Given 2-15 minutes daily practice with self-regulation tools and strategies, STUDENT will use behavior appropriate to remain in regular education environments for at least 50% of the day in 3 out of 4 days.

Related To ADHD: Given 10 minutes daily practice with self-regulation tools and strategies, STUDENT will demonstrate improved self-regulation by returning to class demonstrating appropriate classroom behaviors for at least one hour, in 8 out of 10 opportunities.
This item is recommended for the following grade levels:

Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade

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