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Adapted Book: WHAT IS AT THE AIRPORT – Special Education Resource for ReadingWhat’s an adapted book?..
Appropriate Clothing worksheets for students with autism and special education needs.10 No Prep page..
Autism Speech and Language - Which One Does Not Belong? Your students will love the real life famil..
utism: Autism File Folder Lessons (SET OF 3): ACTIONS and REACTIONS *Brand New Activity for Your Cl..
Build a Sentence -Autism and Special Needs, What? How many? What color? Forming sentences is very i..
Fall Build a Sentence for Speech Therapy and Special Ed
Build a Sentence -Autism and Special Needs, Speech therapy Forming sentences is very important fo..
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TWO file folder activities are included with this purchase! There are 10 matching activities for eac..
This is a great activity for those students who have limited language and echolalia, early age and c..
Reading Comprehension PREDICTING WHAT HAPPENS Task Cards “Task Box Filler” This Task Card “Task B..
Forming Sentences (21 pages) for Autism and Special Education, Speech Therapy, OT Forming sentences..
What Do I Wear in the Summer Interactive Book for early age, pre-K and Special Education students. C..
Valentine's Day brings colorful roses! Count up to 10 for one-to-one correspondence and counting pra..
Wh Questions Games- WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, WHO 5 low ink gameboards Easy prep- just print &am..
"Wh" Questions- What, Where, When, Who, Why cards. 30 Easy Prep clip cards- just print,..
What Belongs Where- Autism Activity This is a great activity for Pre-K, K and kids with autism. The..